ABC has had a clear standpoint since 1823. Through the highest quality, it provides the best connections.

An overview of the ABC success story:

In 1823, ABC is the first business in Germany to produce screws on an industrial scale. Soon thereafter, the first products are exported.

In 1967, ABC writes brand history, simultaneously strating a "small" revolution on the market by introducing the innovative universal screw SPAX. It is a product that sets standards and remains indispensable today in industry as well as among craftsmen and the DIY community across the world.

In 1978, ABC begins developing special wheel bolts for the automobile industry. This lays the foundation that would make ABC the hitherto undisputed market leader for wheel bolts in Europe.

In 1990, ABC begins to build a worldwide sales and production network, preparing itself for the increasing globalization of the markets.

In 1991, ABC reestablishes itself for the future by taking over the company "AZ Ausrüstung und Zubehör". This would prove to be a trailblazing decision in technical terms, because as a supplier for the processing industry, this new subsidiary specializes in the composition of different materials.

In 2003, ABC Holding is founded with its subsidiaries SPAX International, ABC US, ABC Umformtechnik and AZ Ausrüstung und Zubehör.